The Madison River

All-Around Tactics

If ever a river defined a state, the Madison could do Montana justice. The sheer length of the Madison's fishable waters is over a hundred miles. The diversity of water on the Madison is an appropriate analogy to the massive abundance of trout water found in Montana...

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The Gallatin River

Walk-Wade Numbers Game

Beginning as a trickle in Yellowstone Park, in some of the most beautiful high-country in Montana, the Gallatin tumbles down the west-side of Ramshorn Peak and flows for nearly 90 miles until it joins the Jefferson and the Madison to create the Missouri River near Three Forks. 

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The Bighorn River

Grand Slam Fishing and Tactics

Starting way up in high plains of central Wyoming, the Bighorn River enters Bighorn National Recreation Area and canyon just before the river enters Montana. Once in Montana, a massive dams creates a world-class tailwater fishery. 

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