The Paradise Valley Spring Creeks

Home Base

Bozeman or Livingston


Year-Round, prime season June through August

Prime Tactics

Clear water  stalking. Sight-nymphing and sight-casting to rising fish

Prime Hatches

Pale Morning Duns in late June

Favorite Stretches

DePuy's has the most variety, Nelson's is the most challenging, Armstrong's/O'Hair's is a nice mix of long runs and riffles with plenty of fish

Walk-Wade Technicality


Armstrong's/O'Hair's Spring Creek, DePuy's Spring Creek, Nelson's Spring Creek

We believe walk-wade fishing is by far the best way to become a better angler. The intimate atmosphere of standing in the water within casting range of a trout is perfectly suited to increase the learning curve. The sight-fishing and hatch-matching that occurs on these spring creeks is both exciting and rewarding. In becoming the best guide possible, cutting one's teeth on spring creek trout is essential. These creeks teach the feeding habits of trout, allow for multiple sight-fishing opportunities, and offer a variety of fishing tactics. All of these are essential to becoming a better angler AND becoming a better guide.

The three creeks, Nelson's, DePuy's, and Armstrong's/O'Hair's offer challenging fishing in one of the most beautiful valleys in Montana, the Paradise Valley. DePuy's is the longest of the three creeks, then Armstrong's/O'Hairs, and then Nelson's. Anglers looking for selective fish in a technical piece of water should try their hand at some of these trout. If the fishing proves too difficult there is always the backdrop of the snow-capped Absorokas to enthrall the spirit.