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By the end of the week, you will know whether or not you want to pursue a career as a fly fishing guide. The school does a good job of exposing students to the daily life of a guide.
— A. Stirrett, Graduate
Guide School offers valuable takeaways for all ability levels and aspirations.
— L. McCready, Graduate
Highly recommend! If your trying to become a guide it opens you up to what it’s really like.
— A. Anderson, Graduate
Guide School is an excellent starting point for anyone that is thinking about guiding professionally. Guiding in this area of Montana is also a very sought after profession and is getting more and more competitive. Having graduated from a guide school will show initiative and look pretty good on your resume when you go out looking for work. It’s not an easy profession to get started in and having a good recommendation from a guide school could give you the edge to get in the door.
— M. Donaldson, Graduate
I feel signing up for Montana Fly Fishing Guide School is a great investment for anyone looking to become a guide ... If done properly guiding can be such a rewarding career and the school gives you a good solid foundation on which to start, even down to the paperwork you will need to do so.

Guide School turned out to be an amazing and eye opening experience to the world of guiding. Not only did I meet some amazing people, I gained so much invaluable knowledge!
— C. Mason, Graduate
You get to learn, have fun, and get a serious taste of the guiding and fishing lifestyle to see if its for you. Pat and his crew do a great job of creating a varied fishing program along with varied instructors.
— D. Hay, Graduate
It’s a challenging and very rewarding course. Taught by patient instructors who are professionals in the industry. Good first step for getting into guiding. Great way to meet people and be a better angler!
— T. Nunley, Graduate
I can’t say enough good things about the guide school. It is very well put together and the instructors are incredibly knowledgeable and so much fun to fish with. Even if at the end of the week you decide guiding isn’t for you, you will come out a better angler.
— K. Cain, Graduate
I would highly recommend the guide school to anyone who loves the sport and culture of fly fishing. You don’t have to be a 20 year old kid hungry to guide 150 days a year to benefit from the school. You could be a retired guy who wants to learn to catch more fish and become a better oarsmen.
— M. Beattie, Graduate
Whether you’re actively pursuing guiding, or just want to become a better angler - this school hits all aspects and provides you with the information you need to excel or succeed as a better fly fisherman/ guide. I absolutely recommend The Montana Fly Fishing Guide School.
— A. Paige, Graduate
If you are wanting to become a fishing guide I highly recommend you attend guide school. They will walk you through everything it takes send you in the right direction. In just one week you will learn fishing techniques that it takes some people their entire life to master. Nothing but good can come from signing up for this class. Who knows, your future boss might even be in the class with you!
— W. Kiplinger, Graduate
The week was a blast. You can’t beat a full week on different rivers and meeting other people with the same enthusiasm for the sport of fly fishing. As the week goes on you receive so many pointers and tips, it’s impressive to see how much you improve.
— R. Fancher, Graduate
At the very least, guide school is an opportunity to learn something new about fly-fishing or perfect the groundwork and skills already learned. The staff are attentive and professional, the environment is beautiful, and if you really want to take your game to the next level- there’s no place better than the Montana Fishing Guide School. In fact, I plan on attending an advanced class there this year.
— L. Poage, Graduate
You get to spend a week on the river with the best guides in Southwest Montana, asking them every question you can think of while getting instruction on every part of the guiding business. Having at your disposal all of the combined knowledge of the guides that Pat has for the guide school is a rare opportunity. The best part is that they are stuck in a boat with you for a good 8 hours and can not flee when they tire of your incessant questions :)
— C. Hart, Graduate
The depth of knowledge and skills the instructors passed along has made all of my fishing better, whether it is alone, with a client, or with friends and family. I’m much better at instructing and helping people catch fish then I was before the class.
— D. Ward, Graduate
Biggest takeaway was the confidence the guide school gave to achieve my goals in my guiding career. If your a newer guide in the industry and unsure of your skill level or would like to improve any aspect of your guide career I would recommend this school to you. The networking it created allowed me to continue to be successful and accumulate days for my season and many seasons to come.
— K. Harrison, Graduate